Yoga should be available to everyone.

If you are sincerely unable to pay full price for the Dragon Rider Video Series due to your financial situation, please use the button below where you will find a sliding scale.

Do remember that this is my source of income, and be as generous as you are able. (I’m offering this because I could use a sliding scale myself from time to time.)

Please return the gesture of kindness by sharing this with your friends!
Good karma grows with even the smallest of encouragement. 🙂

Sliding scale – donate what you can

Still too much, really and truly? I understand. Perhaps you’re not working right now, or you live in a country where wages are much lower, or you’re a single mom working two jobs to make ends meet. You can send a gift of any amount via Paypal to my email, Once you do this, please email me to confirm (with a brief explanation of your situation so I know you are honestly being as generous as you can) and I’ll send you the link to access the videos. I really mean it: yoga should be available to everyone!