The Dragon Rider Video Series


Ignite and inspire your Home Yoga Practice with a FIFTEEN CLASS YOGA VIDEO SERIES exploring the practices that are in the book!

With eight gentle “Deep Healing Yoga” classes and seven playfully challenging “Align and Flow” classes, you can find a level of practice that is right for you.

These are exceptional classes that are well worth experiencing again and again. 

The 15 practice videos of this series are based on the asana sequences in the book Yoga for Dragon Riders. Though the book is not required for this series, you’ll get more out of it if you can refer to the book and the various supporting practices it offers, including meditations and breathing practices.

These videos are from my local classes, so you’ll get to see lots of different modifications and variations as my amazing students show up and work with whatever their bodies need each day. And if you’re looking for more advanced variations you’ll find them in the PDFs that are included with the videos.

Each video is approximately 75 minutes.

All of the “Deep Healing” yoga classes are a blend of active and restorative poses, and are a more gentle approach to the practices included in the book. These classes are an excellent balance to the more challenging “Align and Flow” yoga classes. The “Deep Healing” approach is one that melts away stress, nourishes your organs, and invites you to rest in the waves of your breath. The “Align and Flow” classes are invigorating and wonderfully satisfying!

With this video course you’ll also get PDF digital copies of the sequences from the book which you are welcome to print out for reference and to help you develop your practice more fully, as well as meditation and breathing practice suggestions that you can follow along with in your book.

Breathe, Align, Move, Be.

This is the practice of being skillfully, joyfully embodied.

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Why these videos?

  • Because you will be guided with kindness, care, and the soothing sound of my voice.
  • Because the alignment cues provided can make all the difference in your practice.
  • Because you will feel more strength, inspiration, balance and inner peace.
  • Because this is the only place you can access my teaching.
  • Because by dedicating yourself to this practice, you enrich your life in so many ways!

The students in these videos are every day people (rather than a room full of advanced yogis), many of whom would consider themselves beginners, so you won’t see “perfection” that feels unreachable.

Instead, you’ll feel as if you are a part of a class of supportive students, each person finding genuine perfection by doing what is accessible to them in each moment.

When you practice with these videos you will be guided through dynamic sequences that add flavour and enjoyment to your home yoga practice. You will discover an enhanced experience of what it means to be empowered by love and wisdom on every level: body, mind and spirit!

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Are you ready to ride your Dragon?

I poured so much love and creativity into these classes and the resulting online course, weaving the physical practice together with intention, breathing, meditation, and new ways to integrate ancient wisdom. I sincerely hope you find delight and self-discovery as you experience this Dragon Rider Video Series. It truly brings the teachings in the book to life!

Enter into a beautiful practice, guided by my teaching via these videos, and your own intuitive knowing of what is right for you each step of the way.

May your heart be filled with infinite love!

Katrina Hokule’a Ariel