The Dragon Speak Journal

Would You Like to Receive Messages from the Dragons?

“Hmmm… Maybe. I mean, what’s this all about?”

What it is:

These messages are basically conversations I have with Dragons. Through my connection with my personal Dragon (whose shared name is Seeker of Truth), I am able to receive messages both from her and from other Dragons.

And then I share these messages with you.

The messages are full of wisdom and insight, which you can contemplate and apply to your own life in whatever way is best for you.

Why Dragons? Why Now?

There is a long history of Dragon mythology on Earth for a reason.

Dragons were once celebrated members of this planet, and were in harmonious relationship with humans.

As greed and fear became more widespread in humankind, the relationships with Dragons also fell apart. Many Dragons went off-planet, for they were being hunted and the relationships they had formed with humans were being abused. Some Dragons stayed in deep caverns on this planet—holding the fort, so to speak—in order to continue to be a part of the evolution of Earth and have presence here.

Now, as many humans awaken to their true nature of love and light and balanced power, Dragons have returned. They are not in the Third Dimension yet, but are light beings who have enormous love for humans and Earth. They wish to re-connect with those of us who are open to their friendship.

What you get:

As I receive these messages (and they may not come on any particular schedule, but as my life allows), I will share them with you via email. You may archive them if you would like to look back on the messages.

You will also receive a series of excerpts from the book Yoga for Dragon Riders. These are specific meditations and visualizations that can assist you in connecting with your own personal Dragon guide, and enhance your ability to work with intention and light.

What I ask of you:

Please remain open-minded, and yet also choose which parts are for you, letting slide those aspects of the messages which do not resonate with your own truth. It is up to you to discern what to keep and what to disregard. You may want to connect with your own Dragon guide, and to your highest self, in order to see clearly the gems waiting for you within these messages.

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