About Katrina

Katrina Ariel is the only child of two educators who taught her at a very young age to dream big and follow her heart. Her path in life has taken may turns and convoluted detours, with everything from music and art to motorcycles and snowboarding. Yoga has brought her gemini tendencies a measure of steadiness and an avenue to expand in so many ways.

And yeah, she’s a little weird. But in the best possible way. Authentic, real, imperfect. Sometimes she stands with one foot in this world and one in the next.

Katrina will be the first to tell you she’s human, and to listen to your own intuitive knowing first and always. She encourages each person to find their own path.

Nature is Katrina’s sanctuary, and some of her best friends are trees, particularly the Live Oaks in New Orleans, and the Redwoods in California. She lives in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, with her man, her twin boys, and the cat.

Katrina teaches from the heart, sharing her love of life and joy of creative expression as a contribution to the world. She has studied yoga extensively with many  skilled teachers, and earned credentials comparable to a Master’s Degree in yoga. However, she is of the opinion that yoga is something you can spend lifetimes learning, and that she has merely begun the path of Mastery.

Katrina has also produced a music mantra album which uplifts and calms in its beauty.

Her yoga blog can be found at www.YogaWithKatrina.com. And if you like fiction, check out Katrina’s Author Blog.

“Take what calls to your heart and live it.” ~ Katrina Ariel

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